Lighten Up the Living Room

white living room

Create a Blank Canvas

A white room can serve as a gallery-like showplace for collections and your favorite items. Gather your collections together to showcase how special they are to you.  A blank white canvas sets off the beloved items you’ve acquired over time, without feeling over decorated.

Accent with Varying Hues

Whites don’t always need to be as pure as the driven snow. Try neutral window treatments that pick up a room’s wood tones. For example beige gray paint color on wooden beams highlights the newly painted white ceiling beams for extra dimension. This makes the ceiling looks taller and the space seems larger.

Shift Shades Between Rooms

Using white in adjoining areas creates a cohesive effect that doesn’t disrupt the quiet visual of a white space. But having the same shade of white in every room could look sterile, so switch up your specific shades according to the lighting of the room and the ambience you wish to create.

Source – Southern Living


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