The Man Who Put Electricity in the Electric City

william whitner

Have you ever wondered what the statue of Mr. Whitner was doing on the square in Downtown Anderson?  Did you notice that Anderson has Whitner Street and a Whitner Building?  The Mr. Whitner must have been a pillar of society but, what did he do exactly?

But, let’s did a little deeper… Why do they call Anderson the Electric City?  Was it the first city in South Carolina to have electricity or what? And what is the weird thing at the corner of McDuffie and Whitner Streets that sits in Generator Park?  Well here is the story…

Anderson, SC was the first city in the United States to have a continuous supply of electric power and the first in the world to create a cotton gin operated by electricity.

William C. Whitner, a native of Anderson, was largely responsible for Anderson becoming known as “The Electric City.” Born on September 22, 1864, he attended and graduated from the University of South Carolina with a plan to become a lawyer. Whitner went back to USC and worked as an assistant to a mathematics professor while studying civil engineering. He graduated from USC for the second time in 1885.

Whitner conceived the idea of generating alternating current of electricity using the turbulent river water.  Whitner returned to Anderson in 1894 and leased a plant, in McFall’s grist and flour mill at High Shoals on the Rocky River 6 miles east of town, for his newly formed Anderson Water, Light & Power Company. He installed an experimental 5,000 volt alternating current generator to attempt to generate and transmit electric power to the water system pumps at Anderson’s Tribble Street power and water yard.

It worked!  Thus, it ended up supplying enough power to light the entire city of Anderson and also to operate several small industries in our fine city. The Charleston News and Courier promptly dubbed Anderson “The Electric City.” On the grounds of Generator Park is the century-old generator that was operated by Whitner at the Portman Power Plant.

So, stand a little higher Andersonians, our dear Mr. Whitner outsmarted Thomas Edison when it came to electricity.

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Preparing For Your Spring Garden

Daybreak 2007

It is time to start thinking of those Spring & Summer gardens.  Although it is not time to plant them yet there are several things that a good gardener does during this time of the year.  With this Winter being so unpredictable, and wonderful Spring like days, I repeat do not plant yet.  Just prepare for those gardens and your landscaping will look fabulous in the days to come.

Prune Trees
Most fruit trees (or those that flower) benefit from being thinned every year, this also includes Butterfly bushes. This encourages a more open habit that keeps the trees healthy and makes it easier to harvest fruit when they produce. The best time to prune is before new growth develops and after the threat of a hard freeze is gone.

Prune Roses
Prune your roses just as or before new growth emerges from the canes. Cutting your roses back encourages strong, healthy shoots that will produce lots of blooms. A trim also gives the plants a more open habit, which helps them resist diseases such as black spot.  It is also a good time to fertilize them.

Pull Back Winter Mulch
If you spread a layer of winter mulch to protect your plants from the winter, you’ll want to remove it when plants begin to grow and danger of a hard freeze is past.

Test Garden Tip: Keep mulch or some type of covering handy to protect your plants in the case of an unseasonably late arctic blast.  Or a bed sheet will work equally as well.

Plant Trees and Shrubs
Spring’s cool, moist conditions make it the perfect time to add trees and shrubs to your yard. There are many reasons to grow trees and shrubs: They add value and beauty to your property. They can shade your home, reducing your summer energy bill.

The most common mistake when planting trees and shrubs is planting them too deeply. The root flare, where the roots meet the trunk, should be at or just above the soil level.

Cut Back Ornamental Grasses
Cut back ornamental grasses to about 4 inches tall before or just as they put out new growth. This is also the time to divide ornamental grasses, if you wish to do so.

Divide Overgrown Perennials
Give older perennials new life by dividing them. Dig up varieties (such as iris, black eye Susan, bee balm, aster, spider grass, and many hostas) that form dense clumps and split them apart. They’ll bloom better when they’re not crowding each other out.  Find a friend or neighbor and swap varieties to enhance both of your gardens.

Grow Early Vegetables
While tomatoes, peppers, and squash love hot summer weather, you can plant carrots, radishes, spinach, and other cool-season varieties while there’s still a bit of frost in the air. They’ll withstand light freezes easily, but need to be covered if the temperature drops into the low 20s.

Stop Weeds When They’re Small
Weeding is usually voted gardening’s most dreaded task, and as such, it’s often put off. But it is a necessary evil so get down there and pull them by hand, use a hoe, or otherwise remove weeds while they’re little, and you’ll make the job considerably easier later in the season when it is sweltering hot. Small root systems are less work to pull, and if you get them before they go to seed, you’ll have fewer weeds in the future.

Spread Mulch
When the soil has warmed up and dried out in spring, spread a 2-inch-deep layer of mulch (such as shredded wood, pine needles, or compost) over the soil surface to discourage weeds in your planting beds and hold moisture once hot summer days arrive.  I would wait until all of the flowing trees discard their flowers and wing dings for a clean look.

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Spotlight Neighborhood of the Week – Hopewell Crossings

hopewell crossingHopewell Crossing is an elegant home community with well-established homes.  Home styles are traditional yet unique and offer residents a “one of a kind” home while maintaining the neighborhood’s fine integrity.   Homes are brick, stucco and hardy plank.

 The lots are large, hardwood trees abound, finely manicured lawns and an active Home Owner Association.  For more information about the community you can visit their facebook page by clicking here.

The schools that Hopewell Crossing is zoned for are Midway Elementary, Glenview Middle and TL Hanna High School.  The location is also prime  located off HWY81 North and close to I85 making it a perfect subdivision for commuters.

Click here to see homes and lots available in this fine neighborhood.

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Source: Android Market, Inman News