Home Sales Reach Seven Year High

housing marketThere are many naysayers declaring that the housing market is still challenged.

We just want to let these naysayers know three things: 13,945 houses sold yesterday, 13,945 will sell today and 13,945 will sell tomorrow. 13,945!

That is the average number of homes that sell each and every day in this country according to the National Association of Realtors’ (NAR) latest Existing Home Sales Report. According to the report, there were 5.09 million homes sold in 2013. Divide that number by 365 (days in a year) and we can see that, on average, almost 14,000 homes sell every day.

NAR revealed that sales had increased 9.1% as compared to 2012 and that it was the market’s strongest performance since 2006.

We realize that these numbers are below the record for homes sold during the boom. We also know that we may not see those numbers again for a long time (and that is probably a good thing). But to say that the current real estate market is challenged is totally inaccurate. We have about 14,000 pieces of evidence to prove that.

Source – NAR, KMC


Spotlight Subdivision of the Week – Chickasaw Point

chickasaw point

Chickasaw Point is located on the shores of Lake Hartwell. It is a large community with a gated entrance. Chickasaw Point offers a wide variety of affordable interior lot homes, there is also golf course front homes, and waterfront homes. Homes are custom built, traditional in design with many private wooded settings and golf course views..

Chickasaw Point is located in Oconee County close to GA/SC State Line. Seneca is 12 miles and Anderson 24 miles.

Chickasaw Point amenities include an Olympic sized swimming pool, tennis courts, golf course, beach/pavilion area, a large club house, boat/camper storage area, campgrounds and much more.

For more information visit on this great community visit thier website at http://www.chickasawpoint.org/.

For listings of homes or lots available in Chickasaw Point click here.

Anderson SC – A Town with a Heart

Mr JessieWhat makes Anderson, SC so special?  Is it Lake Hartwell?  The beautiful view of the mountains?  The thriving economy?  The low cost of living?  While all of these things are true, the thing that stands out in my mind is the sense of community.  We take care of our own.

Most people know about Radio, a movie was even made about the special bond between a mentally challenged young man and the coach of T.L. Hanna.  How the high school embraced Radio and how he is still at Hanna an honorary 11th grader every year.

Well last week something special happened with one of our homeless veterans.  This is the story of Jessie Alexander.

If you drive up or down Main Street at the intersection of Concord and Whitehall Road you have seen Jesse.  People honk at him and he waves and gives them a toothless grim.  This winter has been harsh and last week the temperatures dipped into the single digits.  Where is Jessie?  He is on the sidewalk in front of Walgreens or Quick Trip bundled up in his coat, hat and blankets sitting in his chair with his blue cart.

Alexander (Mr. Jessie) is 69, has been living on the streets off and on for 10 years.  He has a bike and a blue cart hitched to the bike which contains two or three duffel bags, some blankets, a trash can, five Bibles, two American flags and a small shoe-shine caddy.  Shoe shining is what he says he’s done most of his life to supplement a disability check.

He uses a rope to tie a walking cane, a baseball bat, a stick and an umbrella to the bike’s handlebars. A cord holds a Bible and a folder containing some of his mail and important papers. A bag with a few snacks, some cookies, crackers and bottles of water hangs from one of the handlebars.

There are people who stop by when they see him sitting in his chair and offer him food, snacks or a ride to church.  Some just stop to visit with him for a few minutes.

On January 23rd the citizens of Anderson took action to help Mr. Jessie.  Honea Path resident, Bud Hanley met Mr. Jessie last week and Hanley quickly went to work to help Mr. Jessie out. He went to the Quality Inn (a hotel near Mr. Jessie’s spot) and asked them for help.  The Quality Inn agreed to give Mr. Jessie a discounted rate so he could survive the cold in a warm room.  Then he went to the Waffle House next door to the Quality Inn, spoke to the manager and he agreed to set up a “tab” for Mr. Jessie.

Next, the graciousness and generosity of the people of Anderson unfolded.  Hanley went to her Facebook page and posted that Mr. Jessie needed help and told all his friends how they could help.  Facebook in Anderson SC exploded with the news and donations started pouring in.

At last check, Mr. Jessie had over 90 nights paid for and his “tab” at the Waffle House is over $250.00 and still growing. As of Sunday night, the hotel had received $3,237 toward Alexander’s stay, a hotel worker reported. And that number was more than $1,000 higher than it was Saturday morning, she added.

So you see, Anderson SC is a special place to live.  We are Southerners who take care of their own even if they are mentally challenged or a homeless veteran.

Those wishing to help Alexander with food, clothing or shelter should call the front desk of the Quality Inn at 864-226-6051

Photo credit – Anderson Independent Mail

Sellers – What You Need To Know About Home Inspections

home inspection

Selling your home can make you feel like you are living in a house of mirrors, potential buyers and Realtors evaluating, judging and otherwise picking your home apart.  I mean you have loved it for years, what could be wrong with it? And then, just before the sale of your beloved home comes the most intense scrutiny of all – the home inspection.

One way to avoid the stress is a  pre-sale home inspection this way the Seller knows of any potential problem with the home before it occurs. The purpose of a home inspection is to ensures  the buyer knows exactly what they’re buying.  A pre-home inspection can also strengthen your power at the negotiation table so the Seller know what the bottom dollar of the transaction will be without a costly surprise near the end of the contract process.

If you’re new to the home sale process, here is what to prepare for and survive the home inspection. You’ll earn valuable peace of mind and possibly a profitable sale price as well.

Find a Reputable Home Inspector

As your list your home with a Realtor, let them know you need a respected home inspector.  Realtors deal with home inspectors every day so they will know who to recommend.

How a Home Inspection Works

Nearly all of today’s home contracts of residential properties include a home inspection contingency clause, this is a provision allowing the buyer to hire a professional home inspector to thoroughly evaluate of the house and determine if there are any issues with its structure or systems. Once the contract of sale has been signed, the buyer can employ a home inspector of their choice, whom they may or may not accompany during the two- to three-hour inspection.

A typical home inspection includes a check of a house’s structural and mechanical condition.  According to ASHI, the ten critical areas for inspection during the process are the structure, exterior, roofing system, plumbing system, electrical system, heating system, air conditioning system, interior, insulation and ventilation, and fireplaces.

Once the home inspection is complete, the inspector creates a report for the home buyer detailing their findings and they often include photos. This report will note problems requiring immediate attention and conditions that could lead to more serious issues over time.

Spotlight Neighborhood of the Week – Harpers Ridge

harpers ridge

Harper’s Ridge, long-established as one of Anderson’s premier neighborhoods, offers a relaxed, country-like setting within minutes of Anderson’s best shopping. Homeowners enjoy large lots with mature landscaping not found in the newest subdivisions.  The rolling landscape lends itself to walkers and joggers who like to take advantage of the varied routes within the neighborhood.  Tennis lovers practice their swings and meet to play matches on one of the two courts in the commons area.  Every spring neighbors gather in the commons for a barbecue with music, games and some friendly competition.

Harper’s Ridge students attend North Pointe Elementary, McCants Middle and T.L.Hanna High, Anderson Five District schools consistently ranked among South Carolina’s finest. Harper’s Ridge offers a rare quality of life-the perfect balance of privacy and community.  For more information on this fine neighborhood click here.

To search for homes or lots in Harpers Ridge click here.

Things to Consider When Making an Offer

inspection pic

So you have found the home of your dreams and now it is time to make an offer.  How do you know what a “good offer” is on the property?  Many people think of how much money to offer for the property.  However another important thing to consider is the terms of the offer. In some cases, terms can represent thousands of dollars in additional value for buyers — or additional costs.

Terms are extremely important and should be carefully discussed with your Realtor.

How Much?

You sometimes hear that the amount of your offer should be a certain percent below the seller’s asking price or an amount less than you’re really willing to pay. In practice, the offer depends on the basic laws of supply and demand: If many buyers are competing for homes, then sellers will likely get full-price offers and sometimes more. If demand is weak, then offers below the asking price may be in order.

How Do You Make an Offer?

In a typical situation, you will complete a contract with your Realtor and he or she will present to the owner and the owner’s representative. The owner, in turn, may accept the offer, reject it or make a counter-offer.

Because counter-offers are common (any change in an offer can be considered a counter-offer), it’s important for buyers to remain in close contact with their Realtor during the negotiation process so that any proposed changes can be quickly reviewed.

What about Inspections?

A number of inspections are common in residential realty transactions. They include checks for termites, appraisals to determine value for lenders, title reviews and home inspections.

Home inspections are particularly important. During these examinations, an inspector comes to the property to determine if there are material physical defects and whether expensive repairs and replacements are likely.  Some home structure issues must be fixed before the contract can go forward.  Other cosmetic issues are up for negotiation.  These conditions change from state to state.  Inspections usually take two or three hours, and buyers should attend. This is an opportunity to examine the property in detail, ask questions and learn far more about the property than is possible with an informal walk-through.


It is always to your benefit to choose your Realtor carefully.  Interview several before choosing the Realtor that fits your needs.  Purchasing a home in many cases is the biggest financial decision you will make.   Your Realtor can assist you through this whole process and bring you to the closing table to get the keys to your new home.

Source – Realtor.com

Spotlight Neighborhood of the Week – Rivendell Subdivision


Rivendell is one of Anderson’s fine communities offering amenities and a variety of house plans to choose from.  Do you prefer an established home or are you looking for new construction?  Whichever is your choice Rivendell has homes to meet your every desire.

Rivendell offers fine amenities such as a gated entrance, nice clubhouse and lazy river with swimming.  The clubhouse includes a large meeting room, a kitchenette and an exercise room.  Community activities at the clubhouse provide the opportunity to socialize with other residents.

Rivendell is approximately 6 miles from downtown Anderson and about 4 miles from I-85- great for commuters.

Rivendell homes are traditional in style and most are custom designed.  Exteriors are finished in brick, stucco, or stone veneer adding to the solid appearance of the community.  Single story homes must have at least 2200 heated square feet of living space, while two-story homes are required to have at least 2600 square feet.

The Rivendell neighborhood has a Home Owners Association and detailed Covenants and Restrictions which establishes and maintains the standards for the community.

Click here to view all homes and lots for sale.