Real Estate Investing 101

The standard practice in any investment is to buy low and sell high but this may not be the case for you. Investing in Real Estate is different for everyone. First you need to determine if you are interested in building wealth or income, and yes there is a difference! If you are looking for a supplemental income stream rental properties may be the course you want to take. Be advised though not everyone is cut out to be a landlord! If you are not, research a property management company before you start buying and get those wheels in motion. Also you need to make sure that you cap rate (rate of return) works for you and your budget as well.

Building wealth in Real Estate is another ball game all together. If you like risk with the possibility of big reward this is for you! Most investors building wealth tend to lean towards commercial properties or high yield opportunities such as undeveloped land. Building wealth may require you holding properties for sometime before you see any return on that investment so be aware!  If you are thinking of investing in Real Estate for the New Year, DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Decide which path may be right for you or look at both openly and equally. There is still money to be made in Real Estate and if you are smart and work with a reputable agent they can help guide you to unlimited possibilities! For More information on investing, purchasing or selling in this market visit our website at for more information.


Once In A Lifetime Oppourtunity On The Shores Of Hartwell Lake!

Are you dreaming of Private Waterfront Property? Looking for a good Investment? Thinking of Building Your Dream Home? Check out this incredible 23.11 +/-  Waterfront Acreage. Incredible Water Views From Multiple Sites. 1000 foot of waterfrontage and 900 ft of road frontage and still close to shopping, schools and town. This property has never been offered for sale and has verbal approval for 8-9 docks. Good water even at these levels and low corp lines give you endless possibilities with this acreage! Exjoy your own piece of heaven with spectacular sun sets and waterfront living!  See more pictures and all the details at..