Is Your Realtor Working For You Or For A Check?

I have worked with many clients over the  years that once worked with other agents. They speak openly about the experiences that they have had with these agents and I am sometimes just shocked! Agents “strong arming” clients into a home that they need but don’t really want. Telling them things that are even hard to believe to “get the deal done” so to speak.

I have never understood this approach in Real Estate. I just want to ask them, are you building relationships or hunting a check? But I feel I already know the answer to my question. The platform on which I have built my business is integrity and building client relationships long after closing. I guess that is why most of my business is from personal referrals! If you are looking to hire a Realtor to represent you on either side of a transaction there are some questions you should be asking!

1. How much of your business comes from referral?

2. How many transactions do you close a year? How many of those are from personal referrals and not lead generation?

3. Do you have a list of recent testimonials that I can see?

These are just a few that everyone should be asking. There of course are many others but don’t let the numbers confuse you either. If you hire an agent that sells a lot of real estate but does not have repeat business from those clients, should that not raise a red flag for you? Well I am just saying it does for me! Remember not all Agents are the same and do your homework before committing yourself to anyone. It can save you much headache and heartache for the future!