Listing “Season” Is Just Around The Corner Are You Ready?

If you are thinking of listing your home for sale during peak season it’s just around the corner. Might I suggest getting a jump on the market rush! Getting your home listed earlier than peak “season” is always a good choice. Why you ask? Consider this, on average in our area you have between 800-1500 homes come to market during peak season, don’t you think you might get lost in the shuffle? If you add that to the already 2300+ homes in Western Upstate MLS you can see the numbers just keep climbing! If you beat the market rush you have a much better chance of standing out and selling before the market in flooded for peak season. So the point is Don’t Delay! Get it ready to list and get it SOLD!  For more info and advise on listing and selling your home follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin

Just Can’t Stand Unethical Realtors!

I was reminded yesterday when talking with a collegue how unethical some Realtors can be. I have had personal experience with this other agents trying to still listings and so on. But yesterday took the cake for me! She had a customer walk in of the street with a “contract” in hand. The poor girl was so distraught she decided to come and finally seek professional advice. She believed she was under contract on a home with another agency who shall remain nameless.. She has moved out of her apartment and was expecting to close today. Needless to say none of this was true.. When I was shown the supposed contract I could only chuckle..I thought it was a joke not a real contract until I was informed other wise.

This poor girls life has been turned upside down because of some imbecile who thinks and calls themselves a Realtor. Well not in my book I do hope she follows the advice that the colleague gave her!  They should not be allowed nor their brokerage to continue to harm the public in anyway what so ever! Either be a professional at what you do or find something else to do….period!

Does Curb Appeal Really Matter When Selling Your Home?

Remember the old saying about first impressions! Well this hold true for your home as well. I have shown many homes throughout my career in real estate and have had many experiences from buyers that did not even want to get out of the car after we pulled up to the listing. It was obvious to me that yes it is important! Remember that the curb appeal of your home sets the stage for the interior. If it has alot of curb appeal it looks inviting and people want to come in and look around. Think of the front of your home as a painting when you look at it does it make you want to continue to look or run the other way? When selling your home in this market you only have one chance to make a good impression on a buyer and that all starts at the curb!